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Lanmar Copper4 PTFE Tape is a non-metallic product. PTFE film is laminated to the fiberglass fabric substrate, rather than the standard dip-coat process. The result is a top working surface that is pinhole-free which permits longer life in application. This specialty PTFE tape is used in many heat sealing applications, and comes with high temperature silicone adhesive with a yellow dimpled release liner.
Unit of Measure

Tape Thickness Backing

N/A .0042 "

Tape Thickness Total

N/A .0062 "


N/A 35 oz/in

Break Strengh

N/A 100 lb/in


N/A <5 %

Dielectric Strength

N/A 4500 V


N/A -100 to +550 ºF

Adhesive Type

N/A Silicone

Tape Color

N/A Copper
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