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    Lanmar PTFE Fabrics are available in the following product grades:

    • PREMIUM Super smooth finish with a heavy coating of PTFE for applications that demand an ultra-smooth surface without fabric weave pattern impression. Excellent for non-stick and heat sealing applications.
    • STANDARD This is the most universally used grade of PTFE fabric providing a smooth surface and excellent release properties. Typical applications include heat sealing, hot plate covers, release sheets, gaskets and liners for chutes and platens.
    • MECHANICAL A slightly lighter PTFE coating yields pronounced surface weave texture for applications that don’t require extreme heat or resistance to chemicals.
    • POROUS An even lighter PTFE coating on this grade of fabric permits controlled porosity for liquids and gases. Open mesh PTFE fabric permit full airflow through the material for filtering and drying applications.
    • CONDUCTIVE Carbon inclusions in the PTFE coating give this grade of fabric anti-static properties along with high heat tolerance and release capabilities.
    • TEAR & CREASE RESISTANT Coating additives increase the tear strength and material flexibility as well as the resistance to fold-over creasing.
    Wide widths available in some fabric grades. Consult with Lanmar customer service for details.

  • Silicone-Coated-Fiberglass-Fabrics-99-Series

    Lanmar Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabrics are highly flexible and feature excellent release properties with a limited high-end temperature range. These materials are coated on one or both sides with silicone rubber and come in either white or red colors. Applications include heat shrink tunnel curtains and conveyor belts.

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