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Made-to-order from our varieties of PTFE or Silicone Fabrics to customer specifications. Suitable for packaging, heat sealing, food processing and cooking, light-to-medium duty applications. A variety of splice options, and, tracking and guiding options are available. Consult Lanmar customer service with your belt specifications.
Unit of Measure

Alligator Splice

An exceptionally strong metal splice which fastens mechanically and is very flexible. Splice components are locked into reinforced belt ends which are then meshed and joined by a pin.

Edge Reinforcement

N/A .005" or.010" PTFE coated fiberglass fabric attached to belt edge. Can be applied to both edges, on top, or top and bottom sides. Can be affixed by heat seal and/or stitching. Protects belt edges from wear, abrasion, and unraveling. Also adds support for belt driving/ tracking options. Edging color is natural brown.

Overlap Splice

A standard splice in which the belt ends are overlapped from 1/2" to 2" and heat sealed together. A double fabric thickness will result. Excellent for most non-thickness-critical applications. Splice can be angled from 22° to 90°, and can be stitched for

Edge Reinforcement

N/A .003" PTFE film is heat sealed to the belt edge. Resulting reinforcement encapsulates the fabric edge. Prevents unraveling and protects edge from wear and abrasion. This edging is available in widths from 1" to 11/2". Edging color is translucent white.

Butt Splice

Belt ends are butted. Fabric reinforcement is placed beneath the splice. Components are then joined by a heat seal. Splice can be angled from 22° to 90°. Perfect for applications requiring an uninterrupted belt work surface. Splice can be stitched for add

Belt Guiding- Dot Guides

Dot Guides (Pins) Steel dot guides (also called pins) are riveted to one or both reinforced belt edges on standard 1 1/2" centers. Intended only for tracking purposes, the pins are designed to run through a machined groove in the conveyor roller.

Fabric Flap Over Splice

N/A Typically, a PTFE coated fiberglass fabric flap placed over the splice area. Silicone coated fiberglass also available. Flap is heat sealed and/or stitched to belt. Usually applied to belts with metal splices (alligator/clipper). Protects splice from abrasion and provides a continuous release surface.

Belt Guiding- Grommets

Brass grommets (also called eyelets) are mechanically inserted in one or both reinforced belt edges on standard 1 1/2" centers. The use of grommets on a belt also requires a matching sprocket on the conveyor roller. Positive belt driving and tracking can
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