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Pressure Sensitive Tapes

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PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tape

Most PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tapes come with a choice of either high temperature Silicone adhesive (to 500°F) or Acrylic adhesive (to 350°F). These tapes are also offered with release liner or without liner (self-wound). Lanmar features Premium Grade PTFE Tapes; perfect for heat sealing as well as anti-friction industrial applications. We also carry Standard grade PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tape (lighter-coated with PTFE than Premium Grade) which is somewhat more cost-effective. Premium has been shown to last longer in application than Standard or Economy grades of PTFE Tape. Greater value for the cost.

PTFE Film-High Modulus and Skived Tape

Lanmar PTFE Film Skived or High Modulus Tapes feature excellent conformability and elongation properties as well as excellent release, high-temperature, dielectric, and anti-friction characteristics. High-modulus PTFE Film Tape lies flat without edge curl. High lubricity for wear & anti-friction applications. Also used in many heat sealing applications. A Premium Grade product. Skived PTFE Film Tape is a Standard Grade product designed for mechanical and heat sealing applications. All tapes are slit-to-order.

U.H.M.W. Polyethylene Film Tape

U.H.M.W Tapes are perfect for low-to-moderate temperature anti-friction, slip-and-slide, and high wear applications. UHMW is a highly durable PTFE-like tape available in a variety of thicknesses and widths. Chute Liners, rail liners, turn-bars and mechanical applications that could benefit from a smooth anti-friction running surface are perfect for UHMW Tape

Polyimide Film Tape

Polyimide Film Tapes are designed for high temperature electrical insulation and UV sealing applications. Polyimide is a dielectric insulation product. This is a very thin film with high temperature and electrical tolerances. Polyimide is used in RF Sealing applications. Polyimide is not a release-surface product in stock as .001” and .002” pressure sensitive tapes.

Fiberglass Cloth Specialty Tapes

Lanmar Glass Cloth Tapes (without PTFE) are perfect for electrical insulation for cables, motors, and transformers. Our double-faced glass cloth tape is used for masking parts in plasma spraying, HVOF and grit blast applications. Item #775-8R is our Plasma Spray Masking tape. It also does double duty as a “Friction Tape” due to the sticky surface of the silicone rubber coating. Can be used as a spiral wrap for rollers and on drive wheels. Aluminum Foil laminated to fiberglass cloth produces a tape (#725-7) that has high heat tolerance and reflectivity. Used in many electrical and insulation applications
565-1 Polyester Film Tape

Polyester Film Tape

Polyester Film tape is a high temperature product designed for splicing, holding, or masking applications. The high tack silicone adhesive does not leave any residue upon tape removal. Stocked in blue color. (other colors available upon request)

PTFE Zone Tape

PTFE Zone Tape is a custom configuration of our PTFE Coated Fiberglass fabric and a high temperature transfer adhesive along the product edges to yield an adhesive-free center zone, perfect for heat sealing equipment that uses a flexible nichrome ribbon wire heating element. Zone Tape can be made to order. Contact Lanmar customer service with specs for PTFE Zone Tape for your application.
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